MSc Sani Saidi

Director of NIFC Vardar Film – Skopje

MSc Sani Saidi (1990) is a young scientific researcher with perspective, entrepreneur, writer and active promoter of a free, responsible and prosperous society. Saidi holds a master degree in international economic relations, communication expert from the field of public relations (PR) and political scientist, degree earned from the Visegraad School of Political Studies and alumni of the European Academy of Diplomacy (Warsaw).

In the rich professional biography so far MSc Sani Saidi has published over dozens of scientific papers and a book, participated in many international scientific conferences and seminars, while on the other hand has organized several conferences, symposiums  and international events on various topics in the country and outside. He is part of the Austrian Economic Center based in Vienna since 2014 and an active member of the The Innovation in Politics Institute (Vienna) since 2018.

The director position of NIFC Vardar Film – Skopje is exercising from 13.04.2021, selected by a preliminary public competition with a 4-year mandate (2021-25). For a record period of intensive work, great dedication and determination, he managed to enliven the institution and restore the splendor of the old golden times. Since his arrival, Vardar Film is going through a new progressive era 2021-25, where the main place holds the concept for the transformation of the institute into a modern film center. For this purpose, in a short period of time, some spaces have been renovated and refunctionalized, such as the cinema hall and sound studio, the bunker for adequate placement of the collection of costumes and props, work in process for a new studio for color grading & editing, additional equipment and upgrade of the technical capacities and the collection of the institute. While the institute in the following period, will probably enrich with a film club (cafe & restaurant) in the place of the old and dilapidated buffet, based on best practices from abroad, for which a draft plan has already been prepared and which is planned to be realized in the form of public-private cooperation.


It is worth mentioning the increase in the number of collaborations with local productions in some film projects, as well as with symmetric institutions such as the Film Agency, Cinematheque, AFWM and others, but also, excellent collaborations have been established with some productions and distribution companies from the region, and have not been absent the collaborations with foreign institutions such as the Directorate of Cinematography of the Republic of Turkey, the Film Commission of Saudi Arabia, several European film institutes, Creative Europe and Euroimages. He also returned Vardar Film back to the world cinematic development scene by participating in the prestigious film festival in Cannes, France, and meanwhile, for the first time became a partner with Makedox and Kinenova, deepening the cooperation with IFFK Manaki Brothers, the Golden Framework and some other important projects such as 50 years of Macedonian Animated Film, etc.

Vardar Film became a partner in two feature films, one short and one documentary. While with his initiative and dedication, in 2022 will be shot a professional documentary film ‘75 years Vardar Film’ produced by Galaktika Pictures and directed by Prof. Vladimir Blazhevski, for which has been received support from the Film Agency of North Macedonia. It is important to mention that the institution is going through a very progressive period, characterized by economy and tenfold increase of its own budget, but also, the contribution and presence in the film activity in our country.

During his time, significant progress has been made in promotion of Macedonian film and culture, respectively films produced by Vardar Film, with the signing of two distribution agreements in the region, while the first contacts have been established for their distribution in Australia, America and Europe, where our diaspora has shown marked interest.


He managed to raise the motivation, disseminate positive energy and use the potential of the team to make progress and successfully proceed towards the transformation of Vardar Film, which in the near future is planned to become a modern film center, which will play important role in the development of film activity in our country, and beyond.

In 2021 he received the ‘Bridge of the Balkan’ award, which is given to successful individuals each year by Radio Most.

MSc Sani Saidi

Director of NIFC Vardar Film – Skopje


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