History of Vardar Film-Skopje


Vardar Film is the first film production company in Macedonia, established in 1947 and was the driving force of Macedonian cinema and its true representative in the world film, reaching the biggest world festival awards that made it a world famous brand during its founding and operation. No less important was his role in the education and formation of his own professional staff, creating his own top team of professionals in the field of feature, documentary and animated production. Over a period of almost five decades – in the era of celluloid film, more than 40 feature films, about 360 documentaries, 28 short films and 43 animated films, unique achievements and now film classics were made under this logo.

Vardar Film was a respected regional film center, a technical personnel base, giving a mark to the film production on a larger scale. As a result of this strategy, Vardar Film realized three important benefits:
World-renowned awards: Golden Lion – Venice, Oscar nomination, Silver Bear-Berlin, Golden Arena in Pula and many more.
Educated and highly professional staff, who received numerous awards for their professional work.
Own sophisticated technical base, which in addition to realizing its own production, also made large profits in film co-productions and in providing technical services to external teams.

The old technology, which was not limited to “1” and “0”, inevitably influenced the creative expression – filmmakers and workers in the past had a different approach to the film staff, and this is reflected in the sincerity and uniqueness of the scenes.

Today, Vardar Film is a place where film productions can receive technical support in the preparation of their projects, production premises, costumes, props or film vehicles.

In the institution there is a renovated cinema hall intended for control projections, seminars, press conferences, etc., studio for sound design and sound effects, studio for color grading & editing, etc.

Vardar Film-Skopje is slowly but surely growing into a modern film and educational center that will be the main support of film workers and production companies in the Republic of Northern Macedonia and beyond.