NIFC Vardar Film – Skopje has a costume collection that was created for decades through films made by the production company. We are proud that over the years a large number of Macedonian costume designers and designers from the then Yugoslavia have left their mark, gradually creating the collection. After the collection renovation, the costumes were selected and treated accordingly so that they could be reused or rented. Our collection do not count many pieces and corresponds to the spatial conditions offered by the institution itself, but covers several periods, mainly from 1900 until today. We have military uniforms from different periods and armies, other types of civilian uniforms (police, fire, health, and other work uniforms), handmade costumes and other costumes with authentic embroidery, dance / ballet costumes and pieces with different cuts suitable for the period you need.


The collection of requisites consists of weapons (rifles, pistols, knives), flags, lamps, exhibitions such as: cameras (professional / amateur), spotlights, TVs, monitors … So far they have been used in several film projects and meanwhile, they are available for film workers and production companies. The collection is continuously expanding and enriching with new items.

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