The previous year 2021 was a big challenge for our institution, in which we went through a period of great transformation and change in the way of working that resulted in great success and realization of the goals set, announcing the new development era for NIFC Vardar Film-Skopje, 2021 -25.
Today, we are proud to announce the financial part, where with economic and intensive work was achieved great success, in terms of own revenues which increased by 132% in 2021 compared to 2020, most of which were realized in the last two quarter of 2021 (June-December).
In 2021, the realization of total revenues on its own account of 2,730,255 denars was realized, compared to 1,172,845 denars realized in 2020, as shown in the presentation below.
Good management, great commitment and teamwork, together with the new development strategy and clear vision are the reasons for this great success of the institution.
We continue to work dedicated to even greater success in the future!