With great pleasure we inform that in 2022 will realize a documentary film for “75 year Vardar Film”, in occasion of the celebration of 75 years existence, in cooperation with Galaktika Pictures and in direction of Prof. Vladimir Blazhevski, for which we have gained support from the North Macedonia Film Agency.

The documentary is intended to be a retrospective but also a combination of the past and the present of Vardar Film – Skopje, respectively the beginnings and development of the macedonian cinematography, up to the current concept of Vardar Film as a modern film center. Filming is scheduled to begin in the first quarter, and at the same it is planned to be completed and then the

premiere to be shown at the end of 2022, which will occupy a central place in the manifestation of the 75th anniversary of Vardar Film.

This film project is part of the initiative for revitalization and restoration of the dignity of Vardar Film, but in the same time very meaningful for the conservation of our rich history and culture in cinematography.