We are proud to inform you that during this period, intensive work has started on the complete renovation of the cinema hall within the institution, including two phases at the same time. The first phase includes complete cleaning and interior design of the main hall and the auxiliary projection hall and the second phase, which consists of procurement and installation of new modern professional equipment. The equipment is installed and tested.

In this regard, additional efforts are being made to open the cinema hall by the end of this month, and to make it available for the use of filmmakers, for the realization of their projects as well as for the wider audience for evening screenings, as soon as it is safe and we will have a protocol for implementation of appropriate measures for protection against covid19.

The renovation of the cinema hall is one of the steps for upgrading and expanding the capacities and services offered by the institution, striving for the set goal, restoring the reputation of Vardar Film and transforming the institution into a modern film center.