Today, a press conference was held at the premises of NIFC Vardar Film Skopje, where the director Sani Saidi presented the program with activities and events on the occasion of the jubilee, ie 75 years of existence and operation of Vardar Film, which are planned to be realized throughout the year.
The program contains, among other things:
Weekly screenings of films produced by Vardar Film in the recently renovated screening hall of the institution;
Organization of an Open Week where the institution will open its doors to film lovers and citizens to be closely informed about the current activities of the institution, but also its rich film history;
Preparation of a documentary film for 75 years of existence Vardar Film directed by prof. Vladimir Blazevski and produced by Galaktika Pictures, supported by the Film Agency of RSM, whose premiere is planned to be shown at the end of the year at the main event of the institution on the occasion of its jubilee;
At the same time, Bunjamin Kurtishi, who is the producer of the documentary, was present at today’s press conference.
Finally, on behalf of the institution, we express our gratitude to all the media that were present at today’s press conference and covered this event in the media!
The complete program will soon be published on the website of the institution and on social media, and will be available to anyone interested.