• Production: Vardar Film – Skopje
  • Country of origin: Republic of Macedonia
  • Genre: Animated film
  • Duration: 11 minutes
  • Year: 1976


Synopsis: The film is based on the song “Barbara” by Jacques Prevert. One bird makes a nest and then sits on it. From the nest, after a transformation of the volume, a city grows. The egg that transforms into an eye appears, in which the sea can be seen, another transformation follows, this time it is a woman and a man. Love and birth follow and again the city grows from a nest. The signs of a cataclysm are already being noticed. The initial forms of the film reappear and similar transformations follow, but this time with enriched forms. Trains in motion, machines in motion and people moving. Again the phoenix bird builds its nest in the same area.

Awards: 1977 MFF, Annecy, Special Award for Petar Gligorovski 1979 MFF, Berlin, Silver Bear for Petar Gligorovski



  • Directed by: Petar Gligorovski
  • Screenplay: Petar Gligorovski
  • Editing: Chemchev Vangel – Lucky
  • Animator: Petar Gligorovski
  • Cameraman: Vukicevic Mirko
  • Music: Avramovski Risto
  • Scenography: Petar Gligorovski
  • Tone: Janevski Jordan
  • Recording organizer: Veljkovi Пред Predrag
  • Collaborator: Roganovi Ми Milutin


Other contributors:

drawing – Petar Gligorovski

associates – Milutin Roganovi;; Risto Seklevski; Gjoko Kitanchevski