In previous days, the director Mr. Sani Saidi accompanied by part of his team, on invitation of the Film Center Viba Film was on a working visit to Ljubljana, R. Slovenia, where a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between NUFC Vardar Film Skopje and Film Center Viba Film Ljubljana, represented by the director Mr. Vojko Stopar, which marks the beginning of cooperation between the two institutions in the film industry, in regional and international scale.
This is the first Memorandum that Vardar Film signs with an institution of a member state of the European Union, which enables and initiates long-term and deepened cooperation in the field of:
Strengthening the inter-institutional relations and rapprochement of the cinematography of the two countries;
Exchange of best practices and practices;
Transfer of knowledge and improvement of services in the film sector of the two film centers;
Joint development of various educational programs for staff, film workers with special focuses on young staff;
Preparation and realization of joint projects in the film industry, as well as a joint request for securing European funds for the development and modernization of our film centers;
In the meeting was also determined the schedule of realizing the agreed projects and the joint actions in the spirit of the signed agreement.